Thank you for your interest in the Epiphany Transporter.

Please understand that the vehicle is not currently for sale, and is still in mid-stage development. We are not accepting advance orders, nor deposits, at this time.

However, the express purpose of the press release is to find a strategic joint-venture partner to collaborate on the remaining development, testing and certification. Towards that end, we encourage your involvement, and respectfully ask for your help, in disseminating the story via your written articles and news releases.

Please be sure to read the Backstory for better context, and consider reading the 19-page Epiphany Transporter Development Report for a more in-depth technical discussion.

The Epiphany Transporter press kit is available below and contains:

1) The Press Release as a Word file, and as a PDF file;
2) The Backstory as a PDF file;
3) The Development Report as a PDF file;
4)The Epiphany Transporter color rendering as a JPG 1mb file;
5) The Epiphany Transporter with residence rendering as a JPG 2.72mb file;
6) The Epiphany™ Transporter title block as a (JPG) 121 kb file; and
7) Contact information 

All information provided (except our contact phone number and email address) may be freely used by publishers and editors in writing articles and news releases. However, please exercise extreme care staying true to the specific baseline narrative so any reformatted or juxtaposed information is presented without embellishment or inaccuracies.

Also, very importantly, please include ( in all articles and news releases, but kindly DO NOT include our email address or telephone number.

Thank you in advance for working with us.

Michael Moshier